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As a member you will receive exclusive benefits which will help you increase your overall growth through our positive professional program.  Here is a list of some of the benefits:
1. To make money.

2. To be the only professional for your field in your chapter.

3. To meet other professionals who you otherwise would not know.

4. To increase your ability to act as a resource for your clients and customers.

5. To improve your public speaking skills.

6. To give to other people.

7. Your own web page to market your business.

8. An opportunity to serve in a Leadership position.

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Name: Mike Clough
Classification: Flooring
Address: PO Box 212175, Columbia, SC 29221
Phone: (803) 446-8024
Member Since: July 2016


DOOR TO DOOR FLOORS delivers the highest level of personalized service in selecting and installing new floor covering. Our customers benefit from convenience through our mobile showroom, knowledgeable team members, affordable, quality products, professional installation and an accelerated order-to-installation cycle. We are honest, courteous and fair with our customers, suppliers and sub-contractors 100% of the time.

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