You have been scheduled for Brain Sparking. The week prior to your Brain Sparking Session, you will have 5 minutes to address the Club. Your 5 minutes should be used to present the 3 issues/problems you are facing in your business that you wish our input on.

** This is not an infomercial for your company **it is meant to be an opportunity for you to employ the help of the group on specific areas of your business. 5 minutes is a very short time and the more we understand what you need, the better feedback we can give you.

Be specific in the questions you ask and you will receive better feedback. In preparation for your Brain Sparking Session, please complete the attached profile. In your profile you should provide a “profile password” We hope this encourages the others to read your profile.

You will need to provide a small prize as a reward for the first person volunteering your password, when asked. An example of a small door prize would be a $10.00 gift certificate for lunch or an item you use in your business to promote it such as a calculator, hat, etc. You are also asked to provide a door prize. Therefore, you will need to have two prizes ready for the Tuesday of your Brain Sparking Session.

You are also responsible for printing copies of your profile to be placed at the member tables on the morning of your Brain Sparking session, several copies per table should be provided. If you have any questions you can call Matthew at (803) 479-7699


  • Please write a brief biography. You should include experience in your industry, how you came to be in the industry etc. This should be enough information for a paragraph or two. You may include personal information if you like.
  • 3?

    What 3 problems will you ask us to help you with in your Brain Sparking Session?
  • Please tell us about your business and how we can provide leads for you. This should be enough information for another couple of paragraphs.
  • Please describe what sets your company apart from your competition, or why are you the better choice?
  • Please tell us more about the REAL you: A cool thing you’ve done or seen or a dream you have, or something unique about yourself.       Someone who has inspired you or is your mentor and why       A success or accomplishment you’d like to share with us
  • Password / Phrase: So that we can encourage people to read your profile we’ve implemented the “profile password”. Put a sentence, a word, a poem, or whatever inspires you, to serve as the profile password / Phrase, and we will ask someone to name it in your Brain Sparking Session. An example would be: The password is “my favorite color”, or “company slogan” or “memory hook”. This password / Phrase can be inserted anywhere within this profile document.