Every Tuesday morning.


Each member is allowed a maximum of three absences with a substitute and three absences without a substitute per six-month period. The six-month periods run from January 1 to June 30 and July 1 to December 31. An absence with substitute is when a member is unable to attend a meeting and they have a substitute attend in their place. Substitutes must be prepared to give an infomercial for the member’s business, share BDC activities on the member’s behalf and participate in the brain sparking. Members may not have more than three unrepresented absences. Members may not substitute for other members. Members exceeding six absences in six months forfeit their membership. Expelled members may reapply. Membership Committee has the discretion to approve or disapprove any reapplications. Payment of annual membership fee and application fee will apply to reapplications. Absences of prior employee in a business owned membership do not count against the replacement employee of the same membership.

Habitual late arrival or early departure may be grounds for forfeiting membership (as determined necessary by Senior Advisors). Arriving after 7:30 am or leaving before 8:00 am will count as an absence.

An Emergency Leave of Absence will only be considered for members who are current on both membership and breakfast dues. Members who need an emergency leave should apply in writing to the Membership Committee. Businesses that lose an employee occupying a business owned membership will be considered for an Emergency Leave of Absence and should also apply in writing to the Membership/Visitor Host. An Emergency Leave of Absence granted to a business membership will not exceed 6 weeks. Greater than six weeks must be approved by the Senior Advisors. The Membership Committee has the right to grant an Emergency Leave of Absence. The Membership Committee may forward a request to the Senior Advisory Board if desired. Dues will continue to be paid during the leave.

Members changing classification or their company will submit a new application to the membership committee for approval. Their former classification will be reopened for a candidate for membership. A company “name change only” does not require approval.